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Why Smog City 2?

Smog City 2 allows you to simulate how air quality is affected by pollution from factories, cars, trucks and other sources. You can also adjust weather conditions and see how the air quality changes. It includes both ground-level ozone (a primary ingredient in smog) and particle pollution (often an ingredient in smog and also causes haze in many national parks and cities).

The original version, Smog City, was created in 1998 by the Sacramento Air Quality Management District as an educational and demonstration tool for nonprofit use by the general public, other agencies, associations, and educational institutions. Smog City simulates ground-level ozone levels resulting from changes in the weather and pollution sources. (Smog City: Copyright 1999 Sacramento Air Quality Management District)

In 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Sacramento Air Quality Management District created Smog City 2 to add simulations for particle pollution and to update simulations for ground-level ozone.

Carol Johnson, President JHME, Sacramento, CA, for her imagination and dedication in creating the Smog City.
Green Hope High School, Mr Rush's 2006 Honors Earth Science Class, Cary, NC, for their support in creating Smog City 2.